About Us

Welcome to raw5gear! Our story began in 2012, with a passion to bring awareness to the disparity women's sports face. Today, women are more than 40% of the athletes yet receive only 4% of coverage. We're hoping to help change this disparity.

Our products combine the finest materials with creative messaging for comfortable, vibrant, creative styles that bring more respect and recognition to women athletes. We hope they inspire you to show more support for the women athletes in your life. Collections are produced at low quantities but we may decide to bring back popular items at times. Get your gear while supplies last!

A portion of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated to programs and organizations inline with our values and objectives of creating opportunities for young girls and women in sports. Programs and organizations are selected by the raw5gear team.


About the Owner

Marica is an enthusiast and advocate of sports, especially women's sports and the values it teaches which influence our life journey. As a former athlete herself, Marica has both experienced the disparity for women's sports but also benefited from opportunities of recognition. This support came from many advocates including parents, teachers, coaches, teammates and more. 

"This is my opportunity to recognize those that paved the way for me and many others. I hope this contributes to change necessary for current and upcoming women athletes to receive more respect and recognition." - Marica